Stage a Dublino

Faro 400x300We spent a week in an English stage in Dublin, we left on 3rd Sept very early in the morning.

The day we arrived in Dublin it was rainy and foggy, but in a few days the weather got better, we had the chance to visit the city in the afternoon, in the morning we had English lessons with Anne, our teacher, the lessons were excited and very interesting, we learnt a lot of new words, functions and idioms but the moment we enjoyed was to walk around the city, to get into shops, or meet people because it was the time we had the opportunity to speak English and to know about habits.

Every day after lunch an activity leader “ Ruaidri (Rory) “ took us to visit the main attractions of the city and told us its history. Dublin is a  unique city, rich in attractions. Its traditional buildings are made of bricks and have doors painted with different colours; they are called “Georgian doors”. A legend says that their colour allows returning drunks from the pub to recognize their own home. We visited: the Ancient Library of Trinity College with its bookcases and its millions of books and the famous and ancient Book of Kells; the Guinness Store; Dublinia Museum, The National Gallery; the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Dublinia is an historical interactive museum about Vikings: their habits, their traditions and customs. You can learn about the birth of the city of Dublin, there is a very realistic reconstruction of the city during Vikings domination, you can have an idea of how a village was, the virtual and interactive reconstruction give you the chance to live for a while in a village with its market, houses, pubs…

On Sunday we decided to spend a day in a fantastic peninsula in the North-East of the city: Howth Peninsula. After about half an hour of bus we arrived. Here there were a lot of colorful fishing boats and sailing boats whose masts stood out in the sky.
We decided to walk on the cliffs that line the peninsula. Through the dense blackberry brambles, we could admire “the Ireland’s Eye” (the eye of Ireland), an island just opposite Howth and the old lighthouse “Howth Harbour Lighthouse”, dating 1817. We stopped for a while to have lunch, surrounded by a wonderful landscape. Then we had a look to a local market with colourful stalls, street food, candies. But one of the amazing thing of the day was the meeting with the seals at Howth harbour. There were a lot of fish and chips shops and restaurants.

The day before our departure, we went to Dun Loghaire, a small historical city on the East Coast of Ireland. After school we went to the railway station and we took the train to Dun Laoghaire. Here we visited the city and the modern church. We went shopping in a big shopping center. Here there were some shops, boutiques, cafés, restaurants… We bought some gifts for our parents. At five o’clock we went to the Costa café. At half past five, we took the train to Dublin. During the travel we saw some typical house and the Irish sea. Then, we arrived to Dublin and we had dinner. We spent our last evening in Dublin in Temple Bar, the most exciting area of the city.